in The Memory Of DA Ruan

DESI Laboratory, QCIS centre, University of technology sydney

Your friendship, like the sun, nurtured us with your warmth. 
Your leadership, like a big tree, provided us with strength, shelter and protection. 
You like a star, gave us guiding light so we could achieve so much with our research. 
You like a magnet, attracted and inspired all of us through FLINS. 
You always did your best for your friends
You never knew how to take a rest yourself
In your life, 
One day was more than 24 hours
One year was not only 365 days.
Mol became popular through you and
Now is a place that we will always cherish. 
You left us too early
Your life is too short
With your passing we are left with a huge void: incomplete books, unfinished papers, draft proposals and conference keynote speeches which only stay on the web 
Da, you will always be alive in our hearts; 
Memories of you will stay with us forever. 

Jie, Guangquan and Da’s Friends
随着你的离去,它又将变成友人们心中一块 抹不掉的忧伤地。
  1. Professor Lotfi Zadeh:

  2. “I was deeply shocked and saddened by the news that Da Ruan suddenly passed away.It is an irreparable loss for the  fuzzy logic community world wide. With warm regards”

  3. Professor Ronald Yager:

  4. “I was very saddened to hear of the death of Da Ruan.  I warmly remember the meal on the beach in Sydney with Da, Da enjoyed himself very much on that occasion.  I am glad I had the opportunity to see Da at the conference in San Francisco....”

  5. Professor Etienne Kerre:

  6. “Dear Da, on be half of all my colleagues I can tell you that saying goodbye to you is very hard. We will miss you so much: your true friendship, your optimism, your unselfish devoting with respect to all your commitments. Last Tuesday I went to say goodbye to your body and I saw your face expressing pride as it was saying: “I did my very best, please continue my work and be friendly to each other”. Thank you Da for visiting us so much love and friendship.

  7. Professor Janusz Kacprzyk:
    “I am so sorry! I have known him for so many years and have always enjoyed all professional and personal contacts with him. I have also known his widow for whom I feel so sorry in particular because their children are still so young.He has been one of the most visionary people in our field who has always known how to combine theory and practice. We will miss him very much.”

  8. Professor Javier Montero:
    “This is indeed a very sad news. I will miss one of my very best friends”

His Life: 10 September 1960--31 July 2011


Da Ruan (阮达) (PhD in Math, Ghent University, Belgium, 1990) is a principal research scientist at the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre (SCK•CEN). After Postdoc at SCK•CEN (1991-1993), he has been the principal investigator for research projects on intelligent control and decision making for complex (nuclear) systems. His major research interests lie in the areas of mathematical modelling, computational intelligence methods, uncertainty analysis, decision support systems to information management, safety and security related fields. He serves as Regional editor for Europe of Int. J. of Intelligent Automation and Soft Computing, Co-editor-in-chief of Int. J. of Nuclear Knowledge Management, Editor-in-chief of Int. J. of Computational Intelligence Systems, Guest Professor at the Dept. of Applied Math. and CS in Ghent University and at the Dept. of Applied Economics in Hasselt University, respectively, in Belgium, and Adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology at University of Technology, Sydney in Australia.

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Da Ruan’s Ceremony


20011年8 月 6 日 11 时,阮达教授的葬礼在他曾经工作地: Mol, SCK/VITO conference hall 隆重举行。前来参加的有阮达生前的领导,同事,教授,远近朋友,家属及从上海专程赶来的妹妹及外甥女,估计有超过500人。葬礼旨在纪念和庆祝阮达成功和辉煌的一生. 仪式由阮达全家的好友MIA女士主持. 整个仪式组织的非常专业和正式, 音乐和歌声伴随着特别来宾的悼念致辞, 使所有来宾在对达的失去无限悲伤而哭泣的同时, 也充满了神圣的氛围, 又给来宾带回对达的深情的回忆和思念, 以及安宁和安慰! 所有的致辞者和表演者都是达的非常亲密的亲人, 领导, 导师和好友. 大荧幕上展现的是阮达面带微笑,神采奕奕的近照,让来宾们再一次不能相信他真的已经离我们而去。阮达的骨灰盒被悼念他的花圈花篮环绕着,有中国驻比利时使馆,SCK, 旅比华人专业人士协会,以及一些大学, 生前亲人和中外朋友同事等送献的。葬礼仪式持续 大约两小时, 在所有来宾对达的全家的安慰和祝福中结束.

The memorial service ceremony for Prof. Da Ruan took place on Saturday, August 6 at 11 a.m. in the SCK/VITO Conference room, Boeretang 200, 2400 Mol, Belgium, where Da lived and worked. The ceremony aimed and focused on remembering and celebrating the wonderful life of Da. Over 500 people including Da's colleagues in SCK and universities, friends and family relatives from many cities of Belgium as well as Australia, UK, Spain, Germany, France, Mexico, and other countries attended the ceremony especially Da's sister and niece from Shanghai.  

The Master of ceremonies was Mia the closest friend of Da's family. The ceremony was organized in a very formal and professional way, followed by recorded music, the singing of hymns, and individual speeches including Da’s sister Fei Ruan, the General Director of SCK Mr. Eric van Walle, Da friends Prof. Etienne Kerre and Prof. Jie Lu. There was deep grief, but more of a focus on memory, peace and comfort. 

All speakers and musicians on stage had a very close personal relationship with Da. The big screen on stage had a slide show of Da's latest pictures full of smiles and energy, which again and again make us recall the fragments of life which will stay so close in our memory. Da's funeral urn was surrounded by floral tributes sent by the Chinese Embassy in Belgium, SCK, family, some universities and institutes, and close friends. The ceremony lasted for about two hours and finished with all the guests meeting with Da's family members in person and giving their sympathy and condolence to them.

FLINS 2010, Chengdu, China